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Adopt a farm friend


Not all cats want a lap to curl up on, some of our feline friends are very independent and love the freedom to come and go as they please.  Wood Green, The Animals Charity calls these farm cats but any owners with a bit of rural space, a stable yard or even a large garden can offer them a forever home. This month we thought we would showcase these often overlooked but purrfect pets.

Although we take every step to make their stay as comfortable as possible, a cattery environment can be a difficult place for these cats and they desperately want a place of their own.  All you need to give them is regular food, somewhere warm and dry to sleep, human contact if they seek it and veterinary attention if it’s needed.

PuffinPuffin and Penguin are one such pair, they came to us as strays, handed into our London Centre.  Having lived in the City, they are used to traffic but are very shy of humans.  Our team have worked wonders with them and they have grown in confidence but they will never be your typical domestic house cat.  Their ideal home would be a rural area where they can roam to their hearts content.

MittenMitten would suit a rural environment too.  Having lived in a small flat, she was so bored and stressed that she over-groomed most of her body and had lost most of her fur when she came to us.  Mitten would really benefit from plenty of stimulation to allow her to express her natural behaviours, such as hiding, climbing and perching.  We put her in a unit with a cat flap that allows her to roam our site and she now seems a lot more content and is even happy to have her head stroked.  Mitten is much happier leading this lifestyle and we would love to find her a new home with some open land where she can roam and play.   

All of these cats are neutered, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms before being offered for rehoming - with the Wood Green team available for advice for the rest of your cat’s life. If you can offer a safe place for one or more farm cats or any other of the other pets waiting for their forever home at our three Centres in Heydon (near Royston), Godmanchester and London please visit www.woodgreen.org.uk or call 0300 303 9333.

For more information, interviews and pictures, please contact:

Catherine Hasted


07843 864387