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Could you rehome a lovely Lurcher?


Wood Green, The Animals Charity has ten lonely Lurchers looking for their forever homes, so this month we thought we’d put the spotlight on these wonderful dogs.  Sadly, many of the Lurchers come to Wood Green as abandoned strays, often with fractures and scars.  The team suspect they may be the victims of illegal hare coursing – a banned blood sport that is still going strong in Cambridgeshire, with over 1,000 reported incidents during the last season. 

Zena came to the Charity as a stray in April with a complicated fracture of her right hind leg that was too damaged to repair. Her injury was so serious that the veterinary team’s only option was to amputate her leg, at a cost of over £1400, including her post-op veterinary aftercare.  Within days, she bounced back from her surgery and her happy-go-lucky attitude led to a very quick recovery. As a long-legged Lurcher, Zena should have found balance tricky but she soon found her feet and now loves to run and play. This lucky girl has now found a new home with a loving owner and a large garden that gives her the active lifestyle she longed for.

Signs suggest that the next season of illegal coursing has already started, with harvest time leaving a stubble playground for this cruel activity.  We spoke to Stefan Gidlow, our Regional Officer at Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch Management to find out more about the rise in hare coursing:

Groups of men will walk through a field in a line, spread out, to disturb and find the hares. When a hare is spotted, the dogs are released to give chase, and the winner is whoever’s dog catches the hare first. The hare is killed and discarded and the offenders move on for the next chase.

A brown hare can reach speeds up to 35mph, so the dogs used to catch them are often Lurchers. The very nature of a dog running at such speeds, twisting and turning as they chase the hares means the dogs inevitably get injuries. If the injury is a bad one, they are usually abandoned.”

Wood Green often picks up the pieces, taking in hurt and injured dogs and fixing their injuries at our on-site surgery.  The Charity will be raising money to be able to provide this care during their September ‘Healing Hands’ appeal - but what these dogs really need to repair them is a forever home, so if you can offer a home to a loyal Lurcher the Charity would love to hear from you.

Looking for love

29345 Luna

Lurchers enjoy being around people and they make great companions – they love exercise and snoozing in equal measures. This pretty lady is Luna, she would love an active home where she can show off her running skills. She has a really sweet personality and is incredibly sociable.  Luna can live with young children and would be very happy with another dog but she would prefer not to be around cats.   

Bobby 26023  2

If cats are more your thing, then the Charity is also looking for a home for Bobby.  He’s a really sweet, friendly boy who loves human company and enjoys fuss but also needs his independence. As top cat, he would need to be the only feline in the house.   

To find out more about any of the Charity’s animals please call Wood Green on 0300 303 9333 or go to www.woodgreen.org.uk and find out more.

If you are concerned about hare coursing then find out more at www.cambscountrysidewatch.co.uk.  Cambridgeshire Constabulary advise people not to approach the coursers, but instead ring 999 if hare coursing is live and ongoing.

For more information, interviews and pictures, please contact:

Catherine Hasted


07843 864387