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Why we need your help

Painfully thin, shivering with cold and in terrible pain, poor Betty was found wandering alone in a park last winter. Thankfully, an animal-lover like you came to Betty’s rescue and brought her to Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

It was clear Betty hadn’t eaten a proper meal in weeks and our vet was horrified to see why. Poor Betty’s mouth was terribly infected: her gums were bleeding and swollen, matted hair was wedged in her mouth and several of her teeth were rotten. Despite being ravenous, the pain was so excruciating Betty could barely eat.

Thankfully, donations from caring people like you enabled us to relieve Betty’s pain and suffering.

You can imagine how lovely it was to see Betty able to enjoy her food again. After 3 months, Betty was like a different dog and we were delighted when she found her forever home.

This winter we need your help to feed hundreds of hungry mouths. We will have at least 650 homeless pets in our care this winter – and more arrive every day. Thankfully, Betty will be in a warm loving home.

We are a charity and don’t receive any government or lottery funding – that’s why support from animal-lovers like you means so much to the animals in our care.

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Will you help feed a hungry tummy this winter?