Why Volunteer?

Your time is so valuable, look at what you can achieve with it.

There are various ways you can support Wood Green as a volunteer, all of which directly impact on the care and welfare of unwanted and abandoned animals at our centres. Whether you volunteer directly with the animals, educate the public about responsible pet ownership or sell items in our Charity Shops, you will have the satisfaction that you are continually helping the many animals in need.

Here’s a short video clip of what volunteering means to our staff and volunteers.


Your help matters

Wood Green understand the need for people to be a part of and to help improve their communities and the causes they feel passionately about. Choosing to do this through volunteering provides a unique benefit not only to the Charity, but also to the staff, the users, the local community and of course to the volunteers themselves.

All volunteers, whatever their role, are valued not only for the time they give but the skills and expertise they bring to the Charity and for that, we are not only truly grateful but are also committed to providing full encouragement, support and development so that each volunteer's valuable time is best used.

What can I gain from Volunteering?

Volunteering at Wood Green is a great way to meet like-minded people who share a similar passion for the welfare of animals.

You will also be able to:

  • Receive great satisfaction for the contribution you make
  • Develop new or existing skills and knowledge
  • Have the opportunity to try something new
  • Give something back to your local community
  • Gain a sense of achievement
  • Improve fitness and personal skills, such as confidence

Volunteering can provide you with experience and a new found confidence in various different areas of work.

What do our volunteers think?

There are many varied reasons for choosing to volunteer and so it is often a very personal experience. Below you will find links to Amy and Victoria's stories and what they feel it means to volunteer at Wood Green.

Amy Bird - Cat Socialiser

Amy Bird   Cropped







Victoria Phan - Photographer

Victoria Phan5