Group Volunteering

At Wood Green, The Animals Charity, we are always striving to achieve our vision of a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life.

We welcome support from groups of volunteers who can spend a half or full day at one of Wood Green’s centres or charity shops, giving their time, effort and enthusiasm to make a difference to our charity!


Who can register for Group Volunteering?

  • Companies, clubs or other groups who want to do a single or half day of volunteering at Wood Green
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate in a Group Volunteering project

What types of project are available for Group volunteering? Do they involve working with animals?

  • Most projects involve either DIY, gardening or helping at events. These projects do not involve working directly with animals. However, by being involved in any of our projects you will be making a valuable contribution towards Wood Green achieving their vision of a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life.
  • Very small groups may be able to do some animal care work. View our current opportunities for more information

Where are projects located?

  • Projects are either at our headquarters in Godmanchester or our Heydon or London centre. We also sometimes have opportunities at our charity shops. View our current opportunities for more information

How many people can volunteer at once?

  • Group sizes of 2 and up! The exact number will depend on the project. View our current opportunities for more information

Do you charge to volunteer?

  • No. For some projects we require a donation or fundraising to cover the cost of running the project. In this case the amount required is specified but otherwise there is no fee – please view our current opportunities for more information. Many groups choose to fundraise so they can make a donation and some companies are able to give a corporate donation but this is not required in order to volunteer

How can I register?

  • View our current list of opportunities on the link below. If there is an opportunity that interests you and fits your group then you can apply online following the link. For further help with Group Volunteering please email corporate@woodgreen.org.uk

View our current Group Volunteering opportunities and apply online!