Sponsored Sky Dive

Do you want to be a world record breaker and help out our unwanted animals?

Imagine yourself exiting from the door of an aircraft from over 2.5 miles up and free-falling at a speed of 120mph through the clouds, before gliding back down to your envious supporters on the ground below. Skydiving is an unbelievable and exhilarating rush like no other and with no experience required – it’s your opportunity to reach for the skies and be part of a World Record!

Skydive 1 
Date: 18th November 2017
Location: Peterborough Airfield
Time: 8:30am
Registration: £50
Min Sponsorship:  £395

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All money raised will not only help pets in need who arrive at our centers, but will help us to achieve our vision - a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life.

What is involved?

You don’t need any previous experience at all to do a tandem skydive. You’ll be attached to a fully qualified instructor who controls your jump from start to finish; they will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to catch your breath and enjoy the ride!

Before the skydive begins, your instructor will provide you with a training session, show you all the equipment that is used and talk you through what’s going to happen, allowing you to feel comfortable and at ease with your upcoming adventure.

After the training session is over you’ll fly up to over 2 and a half miles above the ground with 4-6 like-minded tandem skydivers - and this is where your adventure really starts to get real! Once you’re at the correct altitude, your instructor will let you know it’s time to move over to the exit door of the plane… All that’s left to do now is jump!

Your exhilarating freefall will blow your mind as you descend (at 120mph!) before your instructor deploys your parachute, giving you the chance to really settle in to your skydiving experience. From here you will experience an amazingly peaceful canopy ride as you slowly glide back down to earth to meet your supporters with a smile on your face, before picking up your well deserved certificate.

For further information or to register call 0300 303 9333 ext.1361, e-mail  or sign up online here today!

Sign up by Tuesday 31st October 2017, and get an additional place for free - so that's £25 each! Please note, min sponsorship is £395 per a person and is not part of the 2 for 1 offer.

Here are just a couple of photos from our previous Skydive... this could be you!

skydive3skydive 4