Animal Foster Carer

Fostering is extremely rewarding and a great option if you want to spend time with animals without the permanent commitment. Please take a look at the further information below or click here to view our current vacancies.

We will provide everything you need for your temporary guest. Food, bedding/accommodation and any medications they may be on. Support and advice is on hand or easily accessible at all times throughout your fostering experience. We also provide training, advice and workshops for fosterers and their families, to improve your own experience and increase your knowledge of animal behaviour and body language.

Anyone fostering an animal should be prepared to bring them to their assigned Wood Green Centre for them to meet with prospective new owners, sometimes at short notice, so some flexibility is helpful. 


Carole and AceTo assess a dogs true personality and determine the kind of home the dog is suited for, nothing comes close to being in a real home. By using foster homes, we can assess them in a home environment, and try to reduce the length of time spent looking for a new home - many can even be re-homed from their foster home. We will provide all their food and everything else you will need, all you need is room in your heart and home to make a big difference to one of our dogs in need. Click here to view our current vacancies.


Colin and JackCats need foster homes for as many varied reasons as dogs might. We sometimes have adult cats that just love human company and get lonely and will benefit from being in a home environment. We will provide their food, litter trays, bedding. Using foster homes means we can assess them in a home environment, and try to reduce the length of time spent looking for a new home. If you have a spare room then please consider offering it to one of our felines in need. Click here to view our current vacancies.

Small Animals

Carole and Ace

Rabbits, Guinea pigs and even chinchillas are just a  few of the small animals often requiring  a foster home, where their specific needs can be met more easily than at one of our Centres. Submit your information and our dedicated volunteering and foster coordinator for small animals will be in contact to arrange an interview. Do not worry if you just have a space and no pet housing, we can provide that! Click here to view our current vacancies.

Doggy and Moggy midwives

We also use our dedicated foster carers to help us look after a number of pregnant cats and dogs that arrive at our Centres every year. Find out more about becoming a doggy or moggy midwife.

Message from one of our fosterers

Nanette Barnard has been fostering for Wood Green since January 2009..

IMG 6371She said: “My husband and I lost one of our dogs a little while ago and as we are pensioners we didn’t want to commit to another dog long term. So it was great when I discovered the opportunity of becoming a fosterer for Wood Green.

“Five dogs later and I haven’t looked back. I have fostered the biggest Greyhound I have ever seen to the tiniest Jack Russell.

“I was worried at first that I would get too attached and to some extent I do, but the satisfaction of giving a dog love, comfort and stability outweighs anything else.

“Many people also don’t realise that Wood Green provide everything from food and bedding to veterinary treatment. They are also on the end of the phone whenever you need anything so you just need a heart and a home."