When injured and poorly animals  need us most, you give us the healing  hands to aid them.

Last year the Wood Green surgery team carried out 2,247 important operations ranging from major dental procedures, to amputations, complex orthopaedic or soft tissue surgery.

Animals like Lilly and her puppies

Lilly was brought in to us as a stray. She was pregnant and only a couple of weeks from delivery. Given her delicate position, we immediately settled her down in a special birthing box in the puppy section of the kennels and started her on a special diet to build up her strength.

When labour began, her first pup arrived at 9.00 in the evening, and our team was by Lilly’s side, holding her paw. By 2.30 the next morning, Lilly had delivered 8 puppies! However, we could still feel a large lump inside her and an ultrasound scan showed one pup was left. Try as she may, poor Lilly couldn’t deliver it and we began to consider emergency measures. As a last resort, we encouraged Lilly to take a gentle stroll. She suddenly squatted and out popped number 9!

The pups were fully weaned at 7 weeks and we have found homes for them all. Lilly has been a great mum and, once she had fully recovered, she was spayed. It was an emotional day when we waved her off on her journey to her new home. We hope you feel as proud as we do for taking care of Lilly and her pups.


Lewis' Story

When the tenants of a London flat moved out, they simply abandoned him. Some time later, a neighbour realised Lewis had been left on his own and he was brought in to our London Centre.

Lewis for Web

He was in shocking condition, badly dehydrated, underweight, with flu symptoms as well as scrapes and wounds to his legs. Our emergency vet in London was able to immediately provide the necessary care Lewis urgently needed, but something else was clearly wrong.

IMG 0180Apart from being so unwell, Lewis was acting aggressively and looked to be in severe pain. Thanks to your support, we could carry out a more searching examination while he was sedated and found that he had a split palate in the roof of his mouth. He might have been troubled by this from birth, or it may have been caused by a serious fall. Mending a split palate in an adult cat is a rare procedure and was a first for our surgical team. 

I am delighted to tell you that he has made a full recovery. Looking at him now, it’s hard to imagine the starving, poorly creature that was brought in to us. Lewis has his appetite back, his split palate has completely mended and the pain and infection he endured will not return.

Lucky Loopy

loopyLoopy is a four-year-old rabbit and when she was brought to the surgery, she was clearly in a lot of discomfort. The surgery team discovered a tennis ball sized mass in her abdomen. It was an abscess that could burst at any moment, with fatal results. The abscess was removed and lucky Loopy is now fully recovered. With your help, she’s in great shape for rehoming.

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