Day after day, your kindness brings happiness to thousands of homeless animals.

Every one sends you a purring, tail-wagging, foot-thumping thank you!

Happy days logoLooking back over the past 12 months at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, it’s wonderful to see just what a difference our loyal supporters continue to make to the lives of thousands of homeless animals. Did you know that you helped to find new loving homes for over 4,570 cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and small animals in the last 12 months alone? That adds up to a lot of happiness!

As you know, the number of animals being given up, or found straying or abandoned, has risen dramatically in the past few years. Our waiting list for cats is currently 10 weeks long and right now there are 450 cats waiting to come into our rehoming centres. For dogs, we take requests from over 10 owners a day.

Doing all we can to make sure every animal at Wood Green is healthy, happy, relaxed and comfortable allows their own personality to shine through as they wait for a home of their own. That makes all the difference when it comes to finding just the right new owner. And that’s where your support counts for so much.happy days hearts

You’ll find photos and stories about animals you’ve helped to start new lives by reading through the happy endings stories for cats, dogs, field animals and small animals.

We've also produced a Happy Days calendar for 2014 in which you'll find more photos and stories about animals you’ve helped to start new lives. To receive a copy, please contact the fundraising team on 0844 248 8181 or email

Why Donate

We are driven to find new ways to make things better for the animals we care for, and in order for us to rehome even more animals in 2014, we are going to need your help. If you’d like to make another gift to help us it would
be greatly appreciated.