Primary sessions

At a primary level, we feel learning about pets is a fantastic way of teaching children the needs of animals and how they can make a difference in animal welfare within their local communities.

Why not join us on a British Values tour of our Cambridgeshire centre, inspiring your students to make a difference to pets lives in their homes and neighbourhoods, or even discover how to become animal ambassadors through our challenging and fast paced KS2 Pet Ambassadors class session delivered at your school.

View our primary menu to see the full range of our sessions available completely free of charge for your pupils. Please note our school based sessions are only available to schools within the county of Cambridgeshire, please contact us for further details.

If you would like to book one of our sessions please complete our online enquiry form. Alternatively to request further information, please contact the Hands On Team on 0300 303 9333 or email us at