Welcome to our Hands On teachers area, packed full of ideas and resources to enrich the curriculum through teaching responsible pet ownership to all ages.

Help us make a difference

With over half of all households in the UK owning a pet, animals are everywhere in the school community so through learning about responsible pet ownership, children can make a difference to both pets in their homes now and also their pets of the future.

Why not take a look at our real life Animal Accounting numeracy pack, watch our short film all about looking after the animals at Wood Green or  book one of our Education Team to come in and deliver hands on, interactive sessions, helping your students discover how they can make a difference to the lives of pets living in their homes and neighbourhoods.

We love to hear your feedback

We would love to receive your feedback and comments on our teacher’s resources and how you and your students have used them. To send us your feedback or to request further information please contact the Hands On Education Team on 0300 303 9333 or email handson@woodgreen.org.uk

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