PetPals guide to Wood Green

Wood Green is a charity that has been caring for and rehoming animals for over 85 years. The Charity finds loving homes for over 5,500 different animals every year. 

We run three Rehoming Centres in the south east of England. Our Cambridgeshire Centre is the Charity’s Headquarters, covering 52 acres and rehoming dogs, cats, small animals and field animals including horses, goats and chickens. We also have a Centre in Hertfordshire from which we rehome cats as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. Our third Centre is in an area called Wood Green in north London. This Centre rehomes cats and kittens and also offers local people low cost veterinary care for their pets that otherwise may not be able to afford regular vet bills.

You can find out more about the work that we do by visiting the what we do section or why not come and meet all of the animals looking for home, by visiting one our Centres.