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About mice

Mice prefer to live in groups as they can get bored and lonely living on their own. Groups of only females or only males are best to prevent unwanted baby mice. Mice can live to be two to three years old and handled daily can be very friendly and inquisitive pets.


Mice need to live in a tank at least 90cm long and 60cm high – metal hamster cages aren’t suitable for them as they can get their tails caught in the bars.
The tank will need cleaning out at least once a week and new toys added or moved around to stop the mice getting bored.


Mice can be fed a dry mixed diet which can be scattered every day around the tank rather than placed in a food bowl. Fruit tree branches will also give them something to climb on and chew.


Mice can get breathing problems, a little like asthma in people, so living on shredded paper rather than wood shavings prevents their home being too dusty.

Mice should never be picked up by the tip of their tail as this can injure them, cupping them gently in your hand is gentler for them and safer for you.

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