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Guinea pigs


About guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are herd animals and need the company of at least one other guinea pig to stay healthy and happy.

Guinea pigs can live to be up to 10 years old but it is more common for them to live between to be 4 and 6 years old.


Guinea pigs can suffer from colds and chills and also mites so regularly health checking your guinea pigs is important.

Guinea pigs can catch lice and mites which are sometimes contained in wood shavings – using hay or readigrass (freeze dried grass) as bedding prevents these bugs being a problem.


Guinea pigs need a hutch or shed at least 1.2 metres long together with a run or enclosed area at least 1.8 metres long on grass. Guinea pigs will use tunnels and feel happier with spaces to hide in when frightened, such as cardboard boxes and drainpipes.


Guinea pigs need a varied diet of guinea pig nuggets, hay, grass and daily fresh fruit and vegetables for their vitamin C intake. Without vitamins, they can become very ill.

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