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About gerbils

Gerbils are clever animals, easy to look after and usually live to be between two and three years old.

Gerbils enjoy living in pairs or larger groups to prevent them getting bored. Girls should live with girls and boys with boys.


Gerbils should be kept in a tank at least 90cm wide and 60cm high. The tank should be filled with peat and hay so the gerbils can dig tunnels.
The tank will need cleaning out at least once a month and fresh peat and hay added.


Gerbils need to be fed a dry food mix every day and given fruit and vegetables twice a week. Scatter food in their tank rather than using a food bowl, so that they have to search for it like they would do in the wild.


Gerbils can get heat stroke so it is important to keep them away from sunny areas.

To prevent gerbil’s teeth overgrowing, give them fruit tree branches to munch on.

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