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About ferrets

Ferrets are clever, affectionate and gentle animals who love to play and can make fantastic pets.

Ferrets love to have ferret friends and can live happily in pairs or as part of a group. Males and females can live together as long as they have been neutered to stop them making any baby ferrets.


Ferrets need to live in an outside aviary at least three metres long with plenty of toys to play with and a choice of beds to sleep in. They love exploring tunnels and tubes and also climbing ladders and ropes.


Ferrets enjoy a good quality dry ferret mix and also love cat biscuits, kitten meat, freeze dried liver and raw eggs as treats! Ferrets can very quickly get thirsty so always need plenty of fresh water to drink.


Healthy ferrets look alert with clear eyes and a nice soft coat. Ferrets can catch colds from us and get a runny nose and feel poorly. They also need to visit the vet every year to have injections to stay healthy.

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