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About dogs

There are many different breeds of dog which come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

Many dogs enjoy living with just the company of other people and some dogs also enjoy the company of other dogs in the home – every dog is different. However all dogs need at least two walks a day to stay healthy and happy.


Dogs need to have injections every year to keep them healthy.

Dogs also need regular flea and worm treatments to keep them healthy, which can be bought at your vets.

Toys and games

Dogs are very clever animals and as well as walks all dogs need lots of play and fun to stay happy. Some dogs like ball games, other dogs like bringing things back to you and some dogs love being outside sniffing different smells.

Staying safe

Dogs by law need to wear a collar and tag when they are out and about. It is also a good idea to neuter your dog, not just to prevent unwanted puppies but it can also help to improve behaviour.

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