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About rabbits

There are 35 different breeds of rabbits and some can live to be up to 10 years old.

Rabbits enjoy living in groups or pairs and become sad and lonely living on their own. The best mix is a female and male that have been neutered so they cannot have any baby rabbits. A single rabbit will become sad and lonely.


Rabbits need to have injections every year to keep them healthy. Rabbits need fruit tree branches or blocks of wood to gnaw on to wear their teeth down as they never stop growing.


Rabbits need a hutch and a run to stretch and play. The smallest hutch length should be 1.5 metres and the smallest run length should be 3 metres. Providing access to a whole garden during the day is even better if it is made secure and rabbit proof!


Rabbits need a varied diet of dry rabbit nuggets, hay, grass, fresh fruit and vegetables and should always have fresh drinking water available.

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