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About cats

There are many different breeds of cats which come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes.

Many cats enjoy living without the company of other cats and others enjoy cat company – every cat is different. Some cats can share their house with a dog and others are very worried by dogs – again every cat is different.


Cats need daily access to the outdoors as indoor cats can become unhappy. Having a cat flap means the cat can choose when to go outside and when to return.

Staying safe

Cats love to explore, so it is a good idea for your cat to be micro-chipped and wear a collar with your telephone number on incase they wander too far. Collars must easily undo if the cat gets into a tangle so it doesn’t get hurt.


Cats need to have injections every year to keep them healthy. Cats also need regular flea and worm treatments to keep them healthy which can be sold by your vets.

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