PetPals for kids

At PetPals there is so much to do. We have lots of quizzes, games and information about your favourite Wood Green pets. You can also take a virtual tour of our Godmanchester Rehoming Centre and get a behind the scenes look at how we care for the animals and find out more about the work that Wood Green do.

Meet Woody, our official mascot...

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Woody wasn’t always so lucky, when he first arrived at Wood Green last year he was feeling very sad as he was cold, hungry and very lonely.

Luckily the lovely staff at Wood Green gave him some food, water and lots of love, he saw the vet and stayed in a fabulous kennel with loads of stuff to do. He made some brill doggy friends, had lots of walks and fun every day until one morning a family took him for a walk and he heard them saying 'He’s the one!' They spoke to some Wood Green staff for a little while and then next thing he knew he was living at PetPals, which is the best home ever!’

Watch our Happy Dog, Happy Home series:

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If you have a question about PetPals, Woody’s lovely friends at Wood Green would be very happy to answer it - you can email us at