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All change!

With signs of spring daring to peep out from under the heavy cloak of winter, I can’t wait for the more consistent weather and temperature of summer. Working outdoors, in all conditions doesn’t faze me too much, but it isn’t until the hint of warmth and sun that I realise how much I look forward to it. Everything I do is just so much more enjoyable when the weather is good and I think the dogs benefit greatly too. If there is a job that can be done just as well outside, with the company of a needy pooch, then to the gardens we head!

The Easter period has been busy; perhaps everyone else is feeling the change of the season and realising the advantages of settling in a new dog at this time of year. The lighter and milder evenings are perfect for extended dog walking hours and ideal for implementing any training. It’s far more sociable at this time of year; for both dog and owner. Should either of you need walking buddies – now is the time to find them. Not to mention the boost to general mood and happiness, if you don’t have ‘Ella The Umbrella’ to make you happy, then the sun and all its associated fun will do.

Last week I celebrated a further change to my surrounding environment –one of my favourite, longest staying and part of the furniture dogs finally went to her forever home. I am so pleased that the lovely Loki (or Lady Marmalade to me) has gone, but I miss her in equal measures. In fact, there seemed to be a sudden mass exodus with several of my long standing furry friends bounding off to their new lives where they'll very soon will a cementing new friendships, new stories and new nicknames.

My first taste of the warmer weather has been shared with quite a few dogs however, I can recall especially enjoying a relax in the sun with the very handsome Rocky. During that time Rocky, a Rottweiler of large proportions, laid at, and considerably on, my feet. He is a big softy and loves his cuddles. Rocky is definitely one you need to meet in order to enjoy the full compliment of his personality; he is a bit of a dark horse and doesn’t give too much away without a cuddle first! But give him the chance and he really is a soppy, loyal and loving companion who after a few months is still desperately looking for his forever home. Rather unoriginally I tend to call him ‘Rock Rock’.

PATRICK NEWI am really excited about the coming summer months and can’t wait to get the sprinklers and paddling pools out, and I do mean for the dogs! Although truth be told I have been known to dip a toe on exceptionally hot days. In the mean time I shall be getting to know some of the more recent arrivals at Wood Green and learning the lay of all this new land.

To find out more about Rocky or any of our other dogs looking for homes, please call our dog section on 0844 248 8181.

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