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Last week ran away from me somewhat; in fact it sped off into this week. I started to feel anxious in anticipation of a string of demands for the next instalment of ‘Day By Dog’. However it seems that everyone else is equally busy and torn in different directions; maybe it’s that time of year. I'll spare you all the details but there is one dog related reason why my week was unusual, I was lucky enough to attend Crufts. I have never been before and while my passion for everything dog couldn’t be denied, it is safe to say I’m perhaps more akin to the muddy, grubby, covered in dog hair side of things.

I remained open-minded and was grateful for the opportunity to experience everything Crufts had to offer. Before anyone jumps to any wild conclusions - while this was a day away from my own doggy brood, it was not just a jolly! Attending the event is something our dog welfare team are encouraged to do if they possibly can, and I completed some extensive homework and learnt a lot along the way. Some of that education was very specific to the different breeds, many of which we rarely see at Wood Green. The most striking for me was the Mexican Hairless. I enjoyed talking with the breeders and finding out about these unusual dogs, considered sacred by the Aztecs.  

Fern Crufts cropped

For me and for Wood Green it’s not just a dog show, it’s about everything that encompasses our relationship with dogs and the part they play in our lives. Our value which is shared by many dog owners is that all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life and Wood Green attends the show to promote this alongside its vital welfare and rehoming messages to a huge audience who – like me – are passionate about dogs of all shapes and sizes! It’s a great place to find out about different breeds and speak to people who really know them. For me, the highlight of the day was watching the Rescue Dog Agility Challenge in the main Arena, where I saw Fern, a former Wood Green puppy and now an agility star, win against dogs from other charities. Inspired? Read Fern’s story; a testament that rescue dogs too have the potential to excel at all sorts of different training and activities.


19929 timothyDon’t think you have to have a Border Collie to take part in agility or flyball, as many others will happily oblige! Staffies are often very agile and trainable; a fine example is Tommy, who would really benefit from the physical and mental stimulation. Maybe start with Crufts in your garden! Another great option is Cani-cross, if you like running or want to start, it’s perfect for you and a canine companion. Timothy, a one year old Husky, who needs plenty of exercise, would be a perfect candidate. These are my kind of dogs; I love running and being active. If you don’t then why not try obedience and trick training and maybe develop a speciality like Fern’s ‘play dead’. Who knows, the next rescue dog Crufts competitor could already be in our midst! 



  • Anonymous commenter
    18 October 2015, 14:42

    I would like a dog but am unsure as to which would suit me best. I am a playful person, but wont always be able to be with the dog. I can ensure it will be cared for. I can groom it up to 5 times a week and I can walk it 1-2 times a day. I quite often go on holidays so will be able to find care for the dog at all times.

  • Wood Green
    19 October 2015, 11:26

    The best way to start is to contact a member of our dog rehoming team on 0844 248 8181. You can talk through your lifestyle and dog experience with them and they can help match make you to a suitable animal.

  • Travis Lawton
    22 September 2016, 09:46

    dogs are cute but im looking for a 3 year old german shepard black and tan brown, i think they are cute and will make my family happier with another member in the family, how do i get one.

  • Anonymous commenter
    24 September 2016, 13:45

    We are retired in early 70 `s We would love a dog 1-5yrs medium size, male or female who needs a loving home.

  • Anonymous commenter
    27 September 2017, 18:40

    My partner & I would love a small dog 1-5 years, jack russel, terrier etc. however we live in a flat but I live in the countryside with plenty of fields around me so lots of walks are available, also I'm a community carer so im forever in and out.. would we be able to re-home a dog with our home situation or is it a no-go?

  • Wood Green
    03 October 2017, 14:48

    Hi, living in a flat should not be a barrier to rehoming a dog from us. We have a variety of dogs, each of them looking for something different in their forever home, even if we do not have a suitable one at this time we get new dogs in everyday so are likely to be able to find you your ideal pet eventually.
    For more information on our rehoming process see here - https://www.woodgreen.org.uk/rehome/dogs/rehoming_process

    Do call us if you have any questions about rehoming, or are interested in any of our available dogs.

  • Jo Hinds
    12 December 2017, 23:34

    I'd love to give a dog a home a dog but have a 12 year old rescue cat who I've had for 10 years. Is it definitely a no? My husband is also keen but thinks we should wait until the cat has passed. Any advice would be welcome. I adore Ernie!

  • Wood Green
    19 December 2017, 12:09

    Hi Jo, it’s definitely not a no, it would depend on the dog and the cats particular personalities. For more detailed advice it's best to give us a call and talk it through one on one with our specialist team. Please call 0300 303 9333 option 4, then option 2 or use the link on this page https://www.woodgreen.org.uk/petsupport

  • Anonymous commenter
    23 December 2017, 09:47


    We would love to rehome a dog, but we have to work. Son works shifts so some days he will be home, and I will be out of the house four days from 8 til 4. I am at home most evenings/weekends.

    Have read your "leaving dog at home" tips/advice" and think we could make it work, would you consider rehoming to someone in our situation.

    Many thankts.

  • Wood Green
    02 January 2018, 11:41

    Hi, all our available dogs have their own assessments for how long we think they can be left. For more detailed advice it's best to give us a call and talk it all through with someone who knows the dogs well within our specialist team. Please call 0300 303 9333 and go through to someone in our Dog Team.

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