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Tomfriends that pass in the night

If you could see me now, dear reader, I would almost be blushing. However, I’ve had a good wash to collect myself and all that is left is a warm glow. You see, a few weeks ago someone suggested that a tom at Heydon called Dusty and I would make a good couple. I’ve met him a few times and I must say I was rather taken with him.

In fact, when I was last down at Heydon installing Skype and fitting the webcam with Cliff, we were able to spend some time together, which was lovely. I didn’t blog about it at the time as it was a little bit personal. I am an open book as you know but I didn’t feel I had the right to involve Dusty. But fate intervened – for the good – and Dusty has been rehomed.

The reason for my warm glow is that I just received a Kit-e-mail from him telling me all about his new home and his Forever Family. I am a little sad that I will not see him again but he was so complimentary about me that it makes the sadness a little better. He said if we couldn’t walk out together,  he would still like to be my pencat. Isn’t that nice? Who knows, I might find a way of visiting although it might be best to leave sleeping cats in the bag if you know what I mean.

In fact, I am in a bit of a quandary about that so I think I will go and speak to  Bumba. Being an older cat, she is bound to have words of wisdom. She is a cat who has seen a lot and knows a lot more. I was delighted when she first arrived as I always like to learn from my elders. I fear I may have been a little over excited and, worse than that, over familiar! Yet she would never tell me that I had – her purrfect manners is really what sets her apart. No matter how I try, if I live to be 100, I could never sit as elegantly as she does, front paws together and saying “Thank you kindly”. If only my Staff could hear how grateful she is when they clean her apartment. When I say “that was terribly decent of you” it just sounds wrong.

Selfishly, I would love her to be around for longer as she has some very helpful tips for dealing with the younger ones. And let’s face it, kitten season is already knocking at the door! However, although she is still a very lively cat, she deserves a place on a comfortable sofa, away from drafts and preferably by a sunny window. I can see from the way she gazes from her balcony that she is yearning for her Forever Family to come and find her.

I know I am always encouraging you to come and meet my residents. It is, after all, my job. But in Nemo case, I would be chasing you to the front desk if I could! (Naturally, in non-threatening, elegant way!) To make sure she gets maximum exposure, I am going to log in to the Wood Green Facebook page and make sure she is featured on Moggie Monday. (If only there was a day of the week that started with C. Feline Friday is too stiff and Moggie Monday, well! At least the humans like it!)

If you will excuse me, I have to get to the office as I can’t access the Facebook page from my CatPad. Cliff is doing his best but he says it is something to do with cookies and passwords. I am not sure what he means but I am fairly certain that it is computer talk. I have been in the office and I know that the cookies are not password protected. If I was a thieving dog, I could eat my body weight in baked goods!

Disarmingly yours,




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  • Anonymous commenter
    27 September 2016, 13:33

    I am really a catlover, but most dogs can get round me with a tail-wag and appealing look. That look comes in very handy at WG St.Ives shop when their owners bring them in & most of local dogs know that there is a biscuit treat box under the counter & they know which of the staff amongst us are prone to give in to the appealing look!!

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