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Hands On team on the road at Hertford Crucial Crew

crucial crew

Wood Green have been fortunate enough to take part in the Hertford Crucial Crew, a scheme we have taken part in for the past few years. This scheme is aimed to help teach Year 6 children lots of different life skills to help keep them safe in the future. It ranges from our education team delivering dog safety through to rail safety, electrical safety, flood water awareness, first aid, fire safety, police, road safety and the Samaritans.

The Education team deliver a valuable dog safety message. The team ask the children to complete our dog safety quiz, voting using their thumbs whether the dogs are safe to stroke or not.

With the use of cuddly toy dogs, 8 different scenarios are set up:

  • Henry the dog busy eating
  • Dillon the dog in a play bow
  • Buster the dog in a strangers garden
  • Marley the dog busy hiding
  • Daisy the dog on a lead with an owner
  • Pip the dog tied up outside a shop
  • Molly the poorly dog
  • Wiggles the dog busy sleeping

With the use of the scenarios the children learn how to approach a dog safely using the three golden rules:

  • Always ask the owner first
  • Stand still and let the dog come and sniff you
  • Stroke the dog down the shoulder – the safest place when meeting a strange dog

It is important that children understand when it is the right time to approach a dog and when it isn’t, they should also think about how they would feel if they were the dog.

It was a great week with us on average seeing around 120 students a day through the doors from the surrounding schools. The children all said what a great experience it was and how they had learnt so much.

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