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Severe winds and bunny love

Hello all

Smielda (Small and Field Animals Assistant) here to update you about what’s been happening over the past few weeks.

Whilst we have been lucky to escape the severe flooding hitting other parts of the country, it has still been a case of battening down the hatches (and a few hutches), as we have been hit by severe winds here at the Godmanchester Centre. 

We have had one chicken house blow over - luckily it was during the day and so the chickens weren’t inside. The house belonged to one of our resident flocks, known as Mo’s group (after the cockerel). I think there were a few ruffled feathers after this incident and Mo certainly has a lot of feathers to ruffle…

Mo chicken

Mo’s crew has now been moved to a lovely new enclosure.

The wind has also caused us some problems with opening a few of the field gates on site. Our lovely group of Toggenburg goats – who are still available for rehoming – have tall fences and gates and the wind nearly whipped the gate out of our hands when we tried to feed them earlier in the week!

It is also worth being aware that the windy weather can spook animals and we all need to take extra care when handling our pets.

We had a whole batch of ex-caged chickens delivered last weekend and had the brilliant idea of giving them romantic Valentine-related names. This idea seemed slightly less brilliant when we realised there were 40 hens and a cockerel being delivered. We started off with obvious names such as Rose, Darling and Bouquet and ended up with Prende (the Albanian Goddess of Love!).

Unfortunately when the chickens arrive they don’t look their best as you can see from these pictures. They are all health checked – you can read all about this in a previous blog http://www.woodgreen.org.uk/community/blog/3212_its_been_a_busy_week . They do start to look better rather quickly and are all still egg-cellent (pun intended) layers.

chickens behaviour

On the Smalls section it has been all about rabbit mixing over the last week; including an epic saga of rejection and love…

You can read more about rabbit mixing in a previous blog http://www.woodgreen.org.uk/community/blog/3305_love_at_first_sight_for_betty_and_sebastian

Sometimes people contact us because one of their rabbits has died and they know that rabbits should not be kept on their own. If we have a single rabbit available then we do offer to do the mix at one of our centres.

The first story is of two brothers (Sleepy and Nibbles) who lived together very happily and were rehomed from Wood Green last year. Unfortunately they had a big falling out and had to be separated. Because we had a single female (Houdini) ready to be mixed we agreed to try her with Sleepy and take Nibbles back to be rehomed.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be and the mix did not go well.

So we want to plan B which was to try mixing Houdini with Nibbles. Love bloomed and they will hopefully live together happily ever after.

Of course this means that Sleepy is now looking for a home. We don’t have a single female to mix him with yet, so if you do then please get in touch.

Story number two is about our handsome single male rabbit Chocolate. We had somebody contact us looking for a mate for their rabbit Mitzy. This was definitely love at first sight, resulting in a very quick mix.

It is always good when a plan comes together, but we still have a lot of rabbits and other animals looking for their forever homes. If you are interested then please contact us at smallanimalwelfare@woodgreen.org.uk.

Ps This week we say 'Hello' to 40 ex-caged chickens, Valentino the cockerel and rabbits Sidney and Alice.

We say 'Goodbye and good luck' to rats Gizmo and Woody, guinea pigs Arthur and Thomas and Harlequin the hamster.

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