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Max from the Northampton Centre here!

Wheek Wheek Max the guinea pig here!

So as you may have heard the Charity opened its fourth Centre which is in Kingsthorpe, Northampton and guess what... Me and my beautiful piggy girlfriends get to live there permanently and have been treated to a piggy palace!


The new centre is working alongside The Bee Hive which is home to the Northampton school of arts and education for young adults with learning and physical disabilities.  

We aim to offer lessons and work experience to the students of the Bee Hive and also open up opportunities for vet, vet nurses and animal care students to come and carry out their work experience with us.

Me and the girls plus two rather large rabbits who live a few ‘warrens’ up will live at the centre permanently as we are used to lots of interaction so thought we could help the students to learn all about small animal care, health and behaviour.

IMG 2175We also have six other rather fabulous warrens/piggy palaces and an area called ‘corn cottage’ where we have other rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens all looking for their forever homes.

Marjorie and Barney are one of the very friendly pairs of rabbits that have come to Northampton hoping to find their forever home

These two rabbits where abandoned in a cardboard box at a recycling centre in autumn last year, sadly despite them being the friendliest and rather cheeky rabbits, not one family has looked at them or offered them a home... We suspect this is because they look a little bit like their wild cousins and not the perfect fluffy bunnies that often families hope for... We have all our paws crossed that a special family comes forward soon.

Now before I say goodbye I must squeak a few important words that I keep hearing the staff say!

1. The centre is open EVERY SATURDAY 10am-3pm and is also opens 10am-3pm Monday-Saturday during school holidays so why not hop, bounce, skip along and come and meet us, you never know you may find the pet of your dreams!

2. The centre is looking for some fabulous volunteers to help the staff over the “wheekends”, they need help with cleaning and feeding the animal gang, they are also hoping to find volunteers who will be happy to talk to the visitors and help the animals who are available for adoption find their forever home. For more information please call the team on 01604 845412 or 0844 248 8181 ext 1351.

So from me and all the animals looking for their forever homes at the Northampton Centre - Wheek wheek! 

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