Doggy did-you-knows:
8 little-known facts about man’s best friend

Your dog might be your very best friend, but we bet there are still a few things left for the two of you to learn about each other… Here’s our pick of the most fascinating facts about our canine chums:

 1. Dogs eat everything

It’s a common misconception that dogs are purely carnivorous, in actual fact, like humans, dogs are omnivores which means they eat a variety of food. 

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2. Ear’s a good workout

Did you know that dogs use 18 different muscles to move just one of their ears? So when your dog’s wiggling theirs, there’s more going on than you think. 

3. Paws for thought 

You might not have noticed, but dogs release sweat through the pads of their feet. Unlike humans, who sweat almost anywhere, they only produce sweat on areas that aren’t covered in fur.  

4. Best friends, since 1870 

The phrase ‘man’s best friend’ is believed to have come from a courtroom speech in Missouri, America in 1870 when a farmer was suing his neighbour who shot his dog.

5. The secret of seeing in the dark 

Ever wondered why dogs have such good night vision? It’s down to a special light-reflecting layer just behind their eyes, that lets as much light in as possible. It’s estimated that dogs can see in light that’s five times dimmer than we’d be able to. 

6. Pulse racing? 

If you’ve got a small breed of dog, their heart will beat much faster than yours  – up to 120 beats a minute, compared to 70-80 beats for humans. 

7. Picture perfect

If you love taking pictures of your dog, you’re part of a historic tradition, dating back to well before the first camera was invented. There are cave paintings of dogs in Spain that are over 12,000 years old. 

8. No two noses the same  

Did you know that a dog’s nose print is unique? Just like human fingerprints, every dog’s nose is different, and leaves a different print behind.