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Day by Dog

Every day for me at Wood Green is a dog day. There is little sultriness or glamour anyone could attach to any part of my dog day, but there is a lot of love, fun, entertainment, learning and many, many a dog. Sometimes there might be the odd, mild disagreement about keeping all four paws on the floor, taking treats gently or giving back the kitchen sponge in return for an extremely tasty alternative.

I absolutely love my job but perhaps one of the more frustrating things about being an Animal Rehomer is that I get a very personal insight into the individual characters of the dogs that I work with, and I often feel like there is no way of making others really see them. There is a huge part of the rehoming process that offers time and interaction with any potential new dog owner, but often the tiny intricacies of this new relationship only form over time and lots of bonding. It could be anything from the cute piggy noises emitted during a lengthy Staffy cuddle (not from me, I don’t make piggy noises!) or the cheeky cartoon button nose that seems to move independently from the face of a timid Lurcher, but only once he knows and trusts you.

theo3With a New Year, resolutions are bandied around much as dog treats do on a daily basis here at Wood Green. In the twilight of 2014, my main hope was for one particular dog in my care to find a home in time for Christmas and start a New Year living a new life that he truly deserves. That particular Christmas wish, while it came true for many others, was not to be for my lovely Theo.

theo10Theo has been here for more than 200 days. I can’t understand why; he is an excellent dog. Theo is a Husky Rottweiler crossbreed, he is extremely handsome and the biggest softy going. If you came to meet him there would be so much to fall in love with but that you might miss: he loves a cuddle, but he’s hardly a lap dog so makes do with sitting on your feet; he is a loveable rogue, and has a cheeky side that shines through when caught with his head is in the bin or he’s rolling on the floor expectant of tummy tickles. Being young and very clever, Theo has also excelled when put through his paces at dog training.

How has this absolute gem of a dog been overlooked for so long? If I didn’t have cats, he would be my dog! There must be somebody out there, even if they know somebody else that might be the one to take him home. Personally I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but it is my absolute dream to find Theo a home. So, I’m asking everyone to resolve to do the same, so we can get Theo home as soon as possible in 2015. Happy New Year, from me, Minnie (I am an actual person by the way, that’s not a dog’s name!) and Theo.


  • Russ
    19 January 2015, 09:59

    Love it, you get to work with the best kind.


  • Dor and Kurt
    19 January 2015, 21:36

    Minnie - glad you are doing what you enjoy!

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