Imagine being thrown out on the streets at Christmas

F Dwide

When Fergal and Dougal were put into a van one crisp winter morning just after Christmas, they were probably hoping for a good walk.

Moments later, these friendly little dogs had been dumped by the roadside; discarded like rubbish, freezing cold, with nothing to eat and nowhere to go.

FergalandDougal Cut outFergal was missing two teeth, his collar was so tight it had become embedded in his neck, and his eye had sustained a severe injury.

Thankfully, they were brought in to our Cambridgeshire Centre – just two of 650 animals that were in our care last Christmas day.

Could you add a Christmas Care Box to your Christmas list?

It takes a special sort of care to look after an animal who’s been neglected or left out on the streets. A donation of £15 will help fill a Christmas Care Box with nutritious food, medicines, bedding and microwavable heat pads.

Please donate today if you can – you really could save lives. Christmas can be a very busy time – that’s why we need your help today. 

Fergal and Dougal have now found a secure, loving new home together. With your help we’ll give every animal who needs our help, food, shelter, veterinary care, warmth – and lots to look forward to, when we find them their forever home.

On behalf of the Wood Green team and all the animals, thank you and Merry Christmas!