Key stats and facts

Every year we see an increase in the number of animals needing our help and last year was no exception. As the strain of the recession took its toll on pet owners nationwide we saw a 13% increase on the previous year in the number of animals coming through our doors.

Last year:

  • We cared for over 5,500 lost and unwanted animals.
  • We rehomed 2,507 cats and kittens and 1,469 dogs and puppies.
  • 53 puppies were whelped by our fostering volunteers.
  • We saw a 47% increase in the number of strays arriving at our centres.
  • 38% of animals we rehomed were neutered by our veterinary team.
  • 22,000 medical checks and over 2,000 neutering procedures were carried out.
  • Over 93,000 people were reached through our 'Hands On' outreach and educational schemes.

Here are some further interesting facts and statistics:

  • At any one time we can accommodate up to 950 animals across our three centres.
  • We aim for an average stay for a dog of 21 days and a cat of 14 days.
  • 40% of all animals we take in require veterinary care.
  • 95% of animals are successfully re-homed.
  • 79% of our income comes from legacies and donations.
  • At 52 acres, our Cambridgeshire Centre is one of the largest rehoming centres in Europe.

We are assisted by over 180 committed volunteers, who dedicate countless hours of their free time helping care for the animals, attend events, work in our charity shops and help to spread the word about responsible pet ownership.

For more specific yearly figures please contact our Communications Team.