Animal welfare students

We currently offer a number of different sessions for animal welfare students in further and higher vocational education.

A session at our Godmanchester Rehoming Centre will provide students with a taste of what a career with animals is like, and provide a practical approach to caring for the variety of animals in our care.

As a leader in animal welfare, Wood Green, The Animals Charity is immensely proud of the standard of care and accommodation our animals receive and the knowledge of our staff to provide species specific care and information.

Whilst visiting us students will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the full range of animals we care for including; dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents, chickens, goats and ponies. On request, detailed sessions focusing on particular species can be accommodated. 

Wood Green offer 'pick and mix' sessions which can be selected individually or blocked together as part of your session. These can be adapted to suit both the ability and study level of your group and also to support current or future modules being taught and assessed.

Below is a summary of the sessions we currently offer:

Behind the Scenes Tour - 1hr 30mins - £5 per student

A tour of our 52 acre Godmanchester site, including visiting each of our dog, cat, small and field animal sections. The tour will be led by our teaching staff and will focus on the following aspects of an animal welfare context - kennel and cattery design, small animal accommodation, enrichment, animal nutrition, behaviour and the rehoming process.

Ethical Dilemmas within Animal Welfare - 45mins - £5 per student (free if booked with Behind the Scenes Tour)

A discussion session based on the different ethical issues and dilemmas faced by animal welfare establishments. During the interactive session students will have the opportunity to fedback opinions and ideas relating to difficulties such as euthanasia, sanctuary animals and the purchasing of pets.

Ethical Debates - 45mins - £5 per student (free if booked with Behind the Scenes Tour)

Students will have the opportunity to debate in groups the pros and cons of case studies relating to difficuly ethical decisions. Students will have the opportunity to listen to cases and collaborate to put forward their own opinions and knowledge on animal welfare issues including euthanasia and back door breeding.

Due to the cross over it is recommended that this session is not taken alongside the Ethical Dilemmas session.

Careers in Animal Welfare - 30mins - £30 per group

Staff from a variety of roles employed at Wood Green will give an informal question and answer session relating to their roles, qualifications, successes and challenges in their careers within animal welfare. Includes advice for how to succeed at gaining employment in the competitive field of animal welfare.

Dog Behaviour Seminar - 1hr - £45 per group

An introduction into the behaviour of dogs including natural breed specific behaviour, body language and different methods of training. Students will learn how welfare organisations can meet the behavioural needs of different breeds and how to advise prospective owners about the traits of different types of dog.

Cat Behaviour Seminar - 45mins - £45 per group

An introduction into the behaviour of cats including exploring issues of personal space, multi cat households and how to fulfil the natural behaviour and health of cats within the home and outside through enrichment and careful planning of space.

Maintaining Animal Health in a Welfare Establishment - 45mins - £45 per group

Students will learn and have the opportunity to take part in a mock up of a veterinary book in, demonstrating how dogs or cats are admitted into the centre, the checks and treatment they receive on intake and how this is recorded. They will also learn how to perform a rabbit or small animal health check with an unfamiliar animal recording and reporting back to the group and taking part in a question and answer session with our small animal manager (max 20 students).

Assessing and evaluating learning

In order to ascertain and monitor the quality of our services to your students and to evaluate the learning which has taken place, each college will receive pre and post session questionnaires for every attending student. These can be used to inform both the tutors and Wood Green of the learning that has taken place and the new knowledge that has been acquired through a visit to Wood Green.

To book your sessions or for further information, please contact us on 0300 303 9333 or via